Create Your Own Cryptocurrency in Private Consortium Network Ethereum Azure Blockchain

Send Custom Cryptocurrency MetaMask



What are Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


Why Blockchain is resistant to data modification?


Real-time scenarios where Blockchain can be used?


Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

Creating an Ethereum Account

MetaMask Account
Ethereum Networks

Create Smart Contract

pragma solidity >=0.4.22 <0.6.0;
Ethereum Remix Solidity Compiler
Ethereum Remix Solidity Run

Create Your Own Private Consortium Network

Creating the Network

Azure Resources
Ethereum Node Status Azure DNS Name

Send Ethereum to Accounts

New Network in MetaMask Ethereum
Send Ethereum to Accounts
MetaMask Private Account

Deploy the Smart Contract to Private Network

Deploy Custom Cryptocurrency
Initial Deployment of Smart Contract
MetaMask Transaction Confirmed
Smart Contract Token Generated

Add Custom Token to MetaMask Account

Add Custom Token to MetaMask

Sending Custom Coin from One to Another Account

Send Custom Cryptocurrency MetaMask


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