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Get Azure DevOps Sprint Capacity Using API and PostMan

Sibeesh Venu
4 min readAug 22, 2021

Obviously, you can do many things in Azure DevOps, but there may be some cases where you may need to do something special to get what you wanted. Here, I wanted to know my Sprint capacity programmatically as I need to find the average sprint capacity and the area where my team is spending time, whether it is Development or Testing, etc. Unfortunately, there is no option to see that in the Azure DevOps, but luckily there are APIs we can get this information. Here, in this post, we will see how we can get that, let’s get started.

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Get the PAT (Personal Access Token)

To connect to our DevOps using an API, we should authenticate and to do that, we need to create a PAT aka Personal Access Token. Goto your Azure DevOps and click on the User Settings button, and then Personal access tokens.

Personal access tokens

Click on the +New Token button and fill all the required fields in the next screen. Once it is done, click on Create button, this will generate a token for you. Please remember that you need to copy this token before you leave the page or reload, as this is



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