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The Top Lessons the Coronavirus Aka Covid19 Taught Me

Every day is a lesson if you are ready to learn. And being a learner is the best characteristic you can develop.

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he world was moving fast, very fast, and furious. Hell yeah, I am a big fan of the fast and furious movies series. But, all of a sudden, there was a hit. There came the Coronavirus aka COVID 19. It is been said that this virus was been found first in China, but that doesn’t really matter now, as we have already seen what this virus is capable of. This tiny little thing could easily disrupt the entire world, the entire economy, the lives. Even the big economies are struggling to maintain a balance and it is sad to see that we humans are failing. I am a person who believes that everything has an end, you, me, life, so does this coronavirus. Let’s just hope that the day will come soon.

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hen you have nothing to do, or you are tired of doing some repeating tasks, that’s when your mind looks for alternatives. Yes, you are right my days were passing just by doing regular things.

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I took the subscription from Netflix and Amazon Prime, and I thought I could spend all my quarantine days by watching movies, shows, series, etc. Apparently I was wrong about myself, and I came to the conclusion that those subscriptions don’t help me much, to an extent it does I agree. These quarantine days made me think deeply about me and there were tons of questions. I am listing down some of them.

How did I use my time every day? Did I use it efficiently?

This is the question that we all must ask ourselves as time is something that we can not buy. There is an amazing Hollywood movie in this context. The movie's name is “In Time”. The story relies on the fact that we all stop aging at 25 and we should buy time if we want to live. Apparently whoever has more time in their Timebank lives more years. If you have not watched that movie yet, I strongly recommend you to do so.

ow coming to the answer. I understood that I was not using my time efficiently, anything that gives you at least a small amount of pleasure is an efficient way of managing time. So I decided to use it more accurately, by spending them on my hobbies. One of my hobbies is writing, and now I am writing this post and I hope that I am using this time efficiently. I also created a to-do list for every day, I am sharing them below.

1. Take at least one photograph a day, as I love photography

2. Spend time on my YouTube channel, as I love being a content creator

3. Hear at least 10 of my favorite music

4. Learn new things that can be used for day to day life or for career

5. Do Surya Namaskaaram and other Yoga techniques every day to stay healthy. After all, health is wealth, right?

How many times did I borrow time from others? Did I return that time?

Now that we all have enough time in our day to day life, it is when we should think about the helping hands offered to us when we were not in a good situation. I just thought about such people and call them, trust me, they all are able to manage their life, but if you call them and ask whether you can be any help, that is when the bond will be created in between. A call wouldn't take much time, but the impact it can do is priceless.

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This is the time when we can also offer some help even if they didn’t help you. We all know that humanity is the best thing in the entire world that only we can do. So help the needy is the best thing that you can do, and you will be given it back when the time comes.

Was I happy in what I do?

We all are working and running a life, in the end, what matters is, were you happy in what you do. I just asked this question myself, and I am happy with my career and I always try to find some time for doing the things that I love the most.

Was I able to achieve at least 10 out of 100 wishes?

a child, I had some wishes, and I am sure that you also had them. I was just counting them and I checking whether I was able to achieve the same. Yes, I know that we can not make every one of our wishes to be true. But 10 sounds a reasonable number, I am happy that I could make more than 10 of my wishes to be true. Take a notebook and write down your wishes now, and mark it if you were successful in making that wish true. And then you can start thinking of a strategy to make it true if it hasn’t yet.

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Photo by abi ismail on Unsplash

Was I able to return the love I get from others?

There is a lot of myth about Love and most of them are true. It is one of the best things that God gave us. To love and to be loved!. I feel lucky that I had enough love in my entire life. People showered love, starting with my mom. And I was successful in returning it back to them. And this time I decided to give more. It is true that we don’t have to look for a perfect moment or time to show love, but when we have enough time, we can do that very often. As a human, we all must do that.

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What are my future plans, if I am alive when this entire crisis is over?

here is a reason why I mentioned “If I am alive”, in the early week of April, I was having some of the symptoms of the Coronavirus and as mentioned in this video, luckily the result was negative. That was the first moment that I felt damn happy when something is negative. But waiting for the result with some possible symptoms is not that easy as it sounds. Every hour was counted and time was slithering.

Those were the days that I felt what real loneliness. People often say that they can live with just food and the internet, and I strongly oppose that statement. It is impossible to live like that. We are human and we need people around us, without socializing we can not just live. I am eagerly waiting to meet all of my family and friends and I hope that this crisis will be over very soon to make it possible.

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Do What You Love is the best thing that you give to you. Another fact is that at least a few of us would have understood that money is not everything and I agree it has its own importance in our life. We all know that there is a saying “When taken in huge quantities, nectar will act as poison”. The mother nature is divine, and we humans did collapse it in all the way we could. Now that we humans are being quarantined, let’s say that mother nature is regaining her strength and I hope she will utilize this time and recover soon. I really wish her a speedy recovery.

The universe is surrounded by a lot of lives, and we are just one of them, even an ant serves his/her purpose here. Just because they don’t do any harm to us, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to be here in this universe. Every life has its meaning and purpose, we introduced the culture of urbanism and it was the war against the good, against the universe. I hope there will be better tomorrow.

With that, I am concluding this post. It would be great if you can share your feedback. Please feel free to follow me. Thanks for reading.

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